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Decision Making

Deciding to coat your firearm(s) can be a big decision. You may find yourself facing several questions such as: what colors or patterns to do, who should do the work, or even which coating product is best? On this page we wish to lessen the burden of these decisions.
Much like selecting a tattoo artist or any other service provider for that matter, choosing the Coater may be the biggest choice you'll make. Custom Coatingz offers the perfect balance of limitless artistry and high level craftsmanship, with many years of proven experience. As lifelong artists we have unique skills that allow us to offer very special, one-of-a-kind pieces. Our Custom Art and Camouflage work is highly sought after. Firearms adorning our finishes can be found everywhere from combat zones overseas, to the private collections of celebrities.


There are several great products available today for coating firearms. The most popular of these coatings are Cerakote, DuraCoat, and KG Gunkote. If applied properly all of these coatings will be extremely protective and durable. We have a lot of experience with and currently stock all of them. We will use the appropriate product for your intended results to provide these awesome characteristics.

* Outstanding abrasion, impact, chemical and corrosion resistance
* Huge selection of colors, sheens, clear finishes and a unique one-of-a-kind look.
* Versatility on being applied to synthetics, ferrous metals, stainless steel, alloys, wood, ect.
* Can be applied to all types of guns including, but not limited to handguns (pistols, revolvers, etc..), rifles (semi-automatic, bolt action, lever action, etc..) and shotguns (semi-automatic, pump, break, etc..)

Our Process

All of our gun coating and firearm refinishing services are conducted at our Myrtle Beach South Carolina location. When you're project arrives, it is logged in and secured. Once logged, it is "in line". You are notified when it arrives and when it is started. Each project is completely disassembled as needed. All parts to be finished are thoroughly de-greased, media blasted, cleaned and rinsed. Ferrous metal parts are sprayed with coating until desired results are achieved. Clear coating is optional and then baked until cured. The project is then reassembled, lubricated and function checked. Upon completion, the project is packaged and returned.

Please call us at 843-877-6368 or email us at for more information.