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Concealed Carry Classes for a South Carolina Permit

This class is for people that can correctly operate a handgun by exhibiting proper safety, knowing how the firearm functions, and how to shoot the firearm – demonstrating appropriate shooting fundamentals.

This class will cover fundamentals, but will not go in depth on how to operate a firearm.

The class covers the following topics:
Firearm safety
Where you can and cannot carry
Conceal carry dos and don’ts
Mental preparation
Violent encounters and the aftermath
The use of deadly force
Castle doctrine
Defense of premises
Defense of property
Common questions & answers

Many concealed carry holders have never taken the time to consider the above issues. If you carry a gun, are you mentally prepared to use it and even potentially end someone’s life? When is it okay to pull out your gun for self-protection? Are you using the correct holster? All of these questions will be addressed in this class to help students make responsible decisions.

Class Cost and Location

Currently, we have two different instructors. There is a flat fee for the service, which lasts around eight hours.

Those who complete the course must be 18 years old or older; however, those applying for a permit must be 21 years old. All classes will take place in an indoor, climate-controlled classroom. Our range will serve as the shooting range for the test.

For available class dates and more infomation please call our stores at

(843) 877-6368 or email

Any of the above information discussed in class is solely a general discussion and should not be considered as giving legal advice.